Wikia hits top 100 on Quantcast :-)

Wow, coming on the heels of the great news I got yesterday about our Comscore numbers…



Just for fun, here’s a comparison of Wikia (all sites) with Mahalo (all sites).  Some of you may know that Jason Calacanis enjoys poking at me and not long ago made a bit of a stir in the blogosphere by calling me a poser and saying I’m not a real entrepreneur.  Who’s posing now, Jason?  (Actually I love and respect Jason, even if he does like to talk trash, and had a nice visit with him at Mahalo not long ago, so this is all in fun.  But I dare you tweet this blog post, Jason… ;-) )

Wikia vs Mahalo

Wikia vs Mahalo

Note: the above are screenshots, you can see the live numbers for Wikia stats as well!

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