Wikia up 20%+ in July – 6.5 million US uniques

I just saw our July ComScore numbers and wow!  In June we posted more than 5 million unique visitors, with 5 and a quarter million.  That was great, and a 10% increase over the month before.

But July was insane – over 6.5 million US uniques, up by 24% over June!

There are several reasons for this, mostly based on software changes that we’ve made in the past few months.  (I.E. this isn’t a launch-related spike, this is strong organic growth).  I’ll detail some of that soon, just waiting on some other numbers to break. :)

My view of Wikia is that we’re spreading the growth of free culture out of purely academic/research and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in new media and free licensing.  Exciting stuff to see it really resonate with people…

At the office they are celebrating with a trampoline!

2 comments on “Wikia up 20%+ in July – 6.5 million US uniques

  1. HI Mr. Wales

    I am a great follower of Wikipedia, I request you to please provide an an option for Indian Rupee in the payment option for donations to the foundation, you can be rest assured that you can see lot of funds coming from Indians also.

    Keep up the good work of spreading knowledge in a simple and powerful manner.

    Warm Regards
    Manoj Anand
    Bangalore – INDIA.

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