Lost is coming

I am so excited and terrified.

Lost Wikia is shaping up to be really great this year. We’ve got Lynnette Porter, co-author of the fabulous book “Unlocking the Meaning of Lost: An Unauthorized Guide” contributing. A ton of great users from last year are coming back.
30 minutes from the Season Premiere. I am so excited and terrified. Why did I ever let myself get addicted to this show? :-)

By Jimmy Wales Posted in General

2 comments on “Lost is coming

  1. You too? Oh dear… Now I *really* feel like I’m missing out on something. I only heard about Lost when it was half way through season 1 here in Poland and only learned how great it was when it was half way through season 2 and impossible to follow… Luckily, there are DVDs! :)

  2. Hello Mr. Wales, my name is David, and I am a Lost FANATIC. I recently read on lostpedia that you were putting together a petition for movies, extended season, whatever the case may be. I had an idea on what the writers of Lost can possibly do that would relieve my many unanswered questions as the series finale draws closer. There should be a interaction of some sort between these writers and actual fans to ask questions that can be answered in a concrete detail providing evidence and episode reference to satisfy our curiosities. For example, Who dropped the food on a regular basis to the island so Desmond was able to nourish himself while pushing the buttons? Why and how was Ben back with the Dharma initiative while the Purge was underway? What is Christians character on the island? We see him in Jacobs cabin, know he was claires “friend” for three years, and see him on the freighter outside of the islands perimeter. We will never know (unless these upcoming episodes explains everything) the answer to those questions. These are few of many unanswered questions that myself, numerous fans, possibly including yourself, are curious about picking apart the details, but will sadly be left with more questions once the credits roll. There has to be someway to seek these answers that hold true validity to the essence of Lost. Just throwing an idea into the hat, definitely worth thinking about. – David McGovern

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