Campaigns Wikia

Campaigns Wikia is something I have been dreaming about for the last few months. Today it launches. Please go read about it, and join the mailing list. And blog about it! :)

I don’t have the answers to the problems of broadcast politics, but I think we can work together to do something useful and, quite possibly, if we throw enough heartfelt energy and passion into it, something more than useful. Something astonishing.

By Jimmy Wales Posted in General

4 comments on “Campaigns Wikia

  1. Dear Jimmy, This is a personal heartfelt response to your appeal for donations to keep Wikipedia afloat. Personally, I feel that everybody loves a free service, but I also believe people are willing to pay for that service in their own time, as they use it rather than lose it. I have used Wikipedia to skillfully browse a myriad of sites that brings information to my fingertips that would normally take hours of research in specialist libraries that I am unable to access in a foreign country like India. Most articles give greater depth and breadth than the usual online or print encyclopaedias. What I love about Wikipedia is that I don’t have to log in every time I do a search, and I can surf freely from one link to another and gain an enormous amount of information very quickly. Here is my suggestion as a regular user who loves your service. Introduce a free membership scheme that users can join at any time with the facility to make online donations. For example, once I join, I may donate $25 one month, and then after 3 months donate $100 according to how much value I feel I have received from using the service. I may just decide to donate for the benefit of others.You may like to introduce some membership benefits, like editing privileges, reward points, and even a system of recording hits on sites that keeps a tally of members usage for their own record. I would prefer to log in after my searches are done, and donate according to my usage. I love your service. Requesting online donations will always be ongoing, but introducing a free access with a voluntary user pays system would be attractive to a lot of people who really would like to show their appreciation. I love you all. Best wishes and regards, Susan. Bangalore, India.

  2. Hello Sir, I just have one question for you today. I noticed that wikipedia can be read in some languages. I noticed that wikipedia is not available in HINDI. The official language of India. India has the second larget population in the world. I would like to see wikipedia in Hindi one day. I mean c’mon u haave a nderlands language but not Hindi? Whats the population of Nederlands?? Hold it down !!!

  3. Sorry, i`m in eanglish… So bad… Please translate(?)from russian:) К моему большому сожалению,я не могу помочь Вам и вашему проекту(700 USD for family) но мы полностью Вас поддерживаем и выражаем Вам глубокую благодарность за такой полезный и познавательный проект.

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