Free software and social networking

Today at Wikia we have released our social networking features for MediaWiki under the GNU GPL 2.0. The best place to see this running live is at Halopedia, our Halo site.

I am excited about all the stuff going on in this space. With google’s open social initiative, our work in social search and social networking for mediawiki, I think the whole wiki/free culture space is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

By Jimmy Wales Posted in General

6 comments on “Free software and social networking

  1. Hi Jimmy,

    I think the social revolutions that are taking place on the internet are unbelievable, and very inspiring. I think people have to take a big chunk out of wikipedia’s mentality of letting the masses decide and do the ground work, rather than relying upon the “elite” to monopolise information. I would be interested to know exactly what you meant by the “wiki/free culture space is about to get a whole lot more interesting”


  2. Really great news , Hallopedia , wikia , wikimedia , and really hard working , I hope great success all the time for all the stuff , Mr Jimmy wales

    and for Dave Briggs comment I think now all info are easy to get now , isn’t it , Mr Dave ,

    My greetings

  3. Dear Jimmy Wales

    I came to your Blog to say thanks for you also your team for Wikipedia, The helped a lot in my studies also searches, Wikipedia now is a part of my life and I hope that Wiki foundantion can reach the goal of 6 million dollars for this year.

    Kind Regards.

    Diego Viana C.Pitta
    Sao Paulo – Brazil.

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