My birthdate

So, I notified Britannica about what my birth certificate and driver’s license says, but they refused to change their article unless I was willing to send them copies of the actual documentation! Naturally, I refused to do so.

Fortunately, an enterpising reporter did his homework and so now for the first time the world has a proper source.

I will, nevertheless, still continue to celebrate my birthday as I please. :)

By Jimmy Wales Posted in General

2 comments on “My birthdate

  1. That’s a crack up. I’ll use that story in my upcoming workshop on Wikipedia (which Britannica is going to be one of my primary points of contrast) at Coppin State University. This is my first time reading your blog. I look forward to doing so more in the future.

  2. Finally you send the Britannica your passport. I’ve updated your bio accordingly (see also the talk page). Cheers.

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