Article in my hometown newspaper

This weekend, I was visting my hometown ([[Huntsville, Alabama]]), and the local newspaper had a story about me and a photo. The fun thing is that several people from my ancient (grade school!) past contacted me.

A couple of them posted comments here, and were the first people to actually figure out that I left the options open for anyone to be able to sign up and publish an article on my blog. Yes, it was crazy set the options to let people do this, but hey, I’m the wiki guy, right? And look at the neat result.

For now, though, I am just moving their comments to be comments on this post rather than actual articles.

One comment on “Article in my hometown newspaper

  1. Dear Mr. Wales: I heard you say on “From The Top” on PBS today (2/5/12) that you have a daughter taking violin. That, I am told, is the hardest instrument to play. If I had known that 71 years ago I might not have learned it! But now that I have I have also invented a new bridge for it that you can see on I hope you visit me there. It might be some help for your daughter as well since I have made violin playing easier and more pleasant! Best regards, John Schneider

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